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Coming from simple beginnings as one of the ACT’s most popular market stalls, to now finding a home in the heart of Canberra’s foodie district, Dickson. Super Bao resturant has been serving up some of the best, most unique and all round delicious steamed buns in town.

With our latest food adventures, comes a wider and more diverse modern Australian-Asian menu inspired by traditional Chinese food and family recipes. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, a special occasion, function or even catering. With Super Bao, you can enjoy everything from our popular pork belly bao, to a lobster spring roll, to our famous popcorn chicken and more!

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions – we are now only open for dinner from Tuesday to Friday and for both lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Bookings preferred.

To order please visit the restaurant or call ahead 0435 783 911 or email:  superbao.canberra@gmail.com 

Thanks for helping to keep our small business open in tough times!

Cool Bao Design

When you visit us, our aim is to provide more than a simple eating experience. Using our founders’ eye for design, we’ve endeavored to create a menu and atmosphere that is simply, ‘cool bao design’.

Meet the Super Bao Family

Every time you visit our Dickson restaurant, you can expect to be welcomed by our founding family members Angel and Paul, with a big smile to suit. Family is really important to us, that’s why you’ll find recipes inspired by ours. 

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